The world of Cybersecurity waits for no one. In order to enter into this field requires baseline certifications, experience with applications, and possessing “the chops“.

We’ll explain.

Cybersecurity Certifications

If you’re looking to break into the big, highly lucrative, and fulfilling work in Cybersecurity, you’ll need to prove your capable for this line of work. From an HR perspective, the first barrier of entry will more than likely be your certification.

Now, we all know that certifications do not necessarily prove competency in the workplace, however, it does show initiative. Why try to fight the system?

Certification #1: Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) from ISC2

ISC2 developed the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) credential for those looking to enter into the cybersecurity field and specifically those that may not have a background in IT.

This certification was created to demonstrate a technical concepts that are foundational to the role as a cybersecurity analyst as well as provide assurance of aptitude to learn on the job.

The exam is currently a 2-hour exam consisting of 100 questions in multiple choice format and can be taken from a Pearson VUE testing center. 70% is passing.

Below is a breakdown of the 5 Domains (Sections) of concepts that someone will need to be knowledgeable about in order to pass this exam.

1. Security Principles26%20
2. Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR) & Incident Response Concepts10%7
3. Access Controls Concepts22%17
4. Network Security24%18
5. Security Operations18%13

Tools to pass this exam

  1. Check out our practice exams at Udemy that line up specifically for this exam.
  2. Check out for their FREE Self-paced training and exam (for a limited time)
  3. Check out our own guide that lines up with ISC2’s Domains, Section by Section so you’ll know the verbage and why.

Certification #2: Security+ from CompTIA

No other certification is more widely sought after in the Cybersecurity field for those entering into cybersecurity than the Security+. This is in large part primarily due to the DoD (Department of Defense) Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications list.

The completion of this certification allows you to be able to become IAT Level II or IAM Level I as a government employee or contractor.

The commercial industry followed suit and holds the Security+ with high regards as a baseline certification for those in Cybersecurity. A difficult test to take as it’s a mile long and an inch deep.

This exam consists of 90 questions within 90 minutes and a 75% passing score to achieve. This exam can be taken both online and in Pearson VUE testing centers. It’s around $400 in the US but certainly worth the effort with a high paying cybersecurity job.

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